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I've had Sirius since 2015 and at every renewal, I just tell the rep I'm cancelling til I get it down to $119 for the year.  They always start at over $200 but I just keep saying no til I get that I want.  Easier to deal with than my cable company.  

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As soon as you say you want to will get the better deal....

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Cancel and ignore them, that’s what we do. Then it doesn’t take long to get a great deal. We usually bite when it’s $99/yr.

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They know we are family dealerships (third and fourth generations). Guess they don't try to increase my price and are pleased I'm willing to pay anything (it's very nominal in my case since I no longer drive a demo, but own my vehicles out-right).


Don't like confrontation. Not sure what I'd do if the price raised dramatically. Who wants to waste time calling to lower prices? My TIME is more valuable! 


Enjoy the music, but could easily live without it I'm sure. 

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Every time I get my renewal notice, which by the way was for $220., I call up Sirius and tell them I just can't afford the fee and will have to cancel.  The customer service person says that they will speak with their supervisor and low and behold the price is $99.  I enjoy Sirius, especially my old time country music with Willie and Waylon and the Boys !!!!!

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Right before I retired (12 years ago) I bought a lifetime Sirius on one car for three hundred dollars.  Since I still have that membership (managed to get it transferred to another car) I needed a second deal on a 2nd new car.  They sent a fantastic deal to my inbox thinking I still owned first car (but thinking I had dropped my membership).  This new deal on new car expires Aug 2019, so I'll use the strategies listed here to renegotiate that contract.  We drive many 10 hr trips one way through isolated terrain , so I need my Sirius!

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@ Tyak snd other posters,
Thanks forthis topic and info. I was educated!
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@151949 wrote:

We used to have 4 satellite accts with them - 2 cars - house & camper - now we only have 2 - got rid of one car and the camper. Every so often my DH speaks to them and renegiotiates the price.They are open to that.

@151949But with your husband's dementia, surely he won't be able to continue handling this task.  How is he doing?

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I didn’t renew and have no plans to. Yesterday I got this offer. I’m sure you’ll start getting them soon. 



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You can log into your account and change it from "auto renew" so that it doesn't automatically charge you the higher price.


I did that.

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