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We used to have 4 satellite accts with them - 2 cars - house & camper - now we only have 2 - got rid of one car and the camper. Every so often my DH speaks to them and renegiotiates the price.They are open to that.

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I sign up for 6 months at a time.  At the end of the 6 months I call and tell them to cancel, then they start giving me offers to stay.  They will give 2 offers first and I decline both of those, the 3rd offer is their final offer.  I pay about $99 a year and that's as low as they go.

Don't wait for them to call you because they just automatically charge your credit card if you don't call first to cancel.

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Got an offer in today's mail $25 for 6mos.then it goes up to $15.99 a month after the 6 mos. Offer.

Still not worth it to me.

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I got a deal on my subscription for $50.00 for 6 months.  It was supposed to have expired in July.  I had forgotten about it but after reading this thread I'm wondering if I'm on some automatic renewal.  I'm going to have to check my Visa bill to see if there is anything from Sirius radio on it.

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Yes, my DH calls every time he getsa  bill, and down comes the price!! He says he is retired and on a very fixed budget.

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Call up & cancel the service. It won't be long before the deals arrive to get you back.


They are no better than the cable companies to deal with!

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@Shelbelle wrote:

Yes, my DH calls every time he getsa  bill, and down comes the price!! He says he is retired and on a very fixed budget.

That is what my dh did but we got nothing.  We'll call in a couple weeks and see if we get anywhere.  I like it in the car but I can live without it, that's for sure.  Never had it until we bought this car and got it free for several months.

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Discontinue your subscription for a month or two.  Then they'll start throwing nice offers your way.

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@Tyak wrote:

Has anyone gotten deals from them when their  bill for renewal came and it was way higher than last years.  I refuse to pay double what we paid this past year. 

(This year we paid $110 and now they want $228.)  

We've heard they'll come through and offer lower rates when you don't renew but so far we've heard nothing from them.

My friend did a while ago, for $7/month.  I had it in my new car when I got it 2 years ago.  I had every intention to continue with it when it came up for renewal.  But the cost was too high (read the fine print).  I'm doing just fine without it.

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I would never pay for Sirius.