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A new roof would make up for the mistake.  Since I am on a diet, a cake would just p me off!!! 😆

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Believe it or not a roofing company placed a ladder against our house and proceeded to inspect our roof for what purpose I have no idea because we did not call them. I heard their big stomping feet up there and went outside to see what was going on. I called up to them from the bottom of their ladder to get off our roof you have the wrong house.Majorly peeved over that incident.Glad I was home!

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We had our roof replaced last summer.  It took a couple of months for the roofer to get to us because we had a rainy spell and he got behind.


The roofer called and told us when he would be here.  That week, we were on vacation, so we signed the contract and choose the roofing material before we left.


The roofer showed up and replaced the roof on time and he did a great job.  When we got home from vacation, a couple of neighbors called or stopped over.  They were concerned that the roofer worked on the wrong house,  one neighbor even suggested that we got a new roof for free because it was replaced in error.


One neighbor even said he knew it was done in error because no one would get a new roof while they were away and not be home supervising the workers.


We just thanked the neighbors for their concern and chuckled. We never told them the roofer was employed by us and we knew they would be here that week.


Some neighbors still think we got a new roof for free.



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This was true!  Chad made the mistake. We drove by and it was crazy! Senei Doug that lives next door called the owners.  It was a strange day.

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If you ripped someone's roof off you certainly would be required to replace it with a new roof - in which case - the people get a new roof for free.

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