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A Roofer Bought a Cake as an Apology for Roofing the Wrong House

  • "This construction worker recently completed a roofing job. The only problem? It was on the wrong roof! The roofer called into a local Walmart in Lebanon, Oregon, in an attempt to repair the estimated $7,500 damage by buying a cake.The uploader explained: “This past weekend I was doing a roofing job across town and after we got the roof mostly torn off, we found out that my co-worker, Chad, accidentally put the wrong address on the work order. The people who owned the house were extremely upset, so I’m hoping this cake will make up for the $7,500 in damages. Fingers crossed!” In the video, we see the worker describe the story to the bakers in Walmart, in what is one of the most bizarre videos you’ll see in quite some time."



Image result for roofers apology cake




My.   :-O


(Notice the misspelled word. Well, the clerk did say she'd have to write small, lol.)

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Re: Roofer's Apology Cake

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Sorry but a cake doesn't make up for $7,500 in damages. Hopefully the company will make this right or if the person ends up filing a homeowners insurance claim, the roofing company pays the deductible for them.

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I don't believe this is real at all. This is a video prank. No business would do this or homeowner would accept a cake in place of a roof...just silly.

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LOL-this has to be either a joke or not the full story.   If true, I'm sure the wronged homeowner will be given restitution.


In the meantime, they can eat cake. *joke*

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Gotta be fake news. Who in their right mind would actually believe this story.rolling eyes.gif

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LMBO, seriously? 

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Re: Roofer's Apology Cake

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Look up Royco Roofing and Construction on's a video prank and fake reviews with made up ridiculous stories.

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Oh, please, NOT the roof!  Smiley Wink

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So incredibly bogus it defies imagination!

Really?  The goofball supposedly tore the wrong guys roof off and we are supposed to believe he would video his business name while describing what an inept fool he is, in addition to admiting it "wasn't the first time."



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All this fake stuff is getting out of hand...