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Re: Retail Returns Warning (Walmart)

@KingstonsMom wrote:



No, they can never be returned according to Walmart.

If you are able to return by mail, shipping is free.

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Re: Retail Returns Warning (Walmart)

@Anonymous032819 wrote:

Yes, it's fair.



You don't know what germy-germ-germs might be on the shoes.



Would you want to wear shoes that has been returned, not knowing if Covid is on them?


Plus, returned merch puts the employees at risk for contracting it.









Who is to say that somebody infected with COVID-19 didn't try on those boots before?


I think too much emphasis is being placed on the customer.


We continue to live and purchase items and who knows who has COVID-19 anyway.


We take chances everyday anyway when we buy clothing; who tried anything on before us, who brought any item home then returned it, etc.


No cleaner really that renting bowling shoes.  LOL

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Re: Retail Returns Warning (Walmart)

That's crazy unless they were used. People touch everything in the store! Covid does not last fora long time of clothing or surfaces. It's people to people contact!