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As a child n the sixties, it was referred to as Decoration Day and later Memorial Day. Today seems even more somber.  Here is an interesting article on the origins of the observance:

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This was interesting.  As a child my parents had books with stories about African Americans and what they contributed.  This one I had never heard. This is a great story to know for all of matter what our color. Thanks for the post.

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My Dad was gone four years in WW11 and he was one of the lucky ones that came home.  Brave young kids that believed in their country in those days.

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Thank you.  Like so many who served, the men in our family were B-52 bomber pilots.






My late brother-in-law was a Tail Gunner in the B-29 Super Fortress in the Army Air Corp in the Pacific. It later became the United States Air Force.



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Wow! That's really something. Today I saw 2 WWll  fighter planes fly over our house and a little while later 2 bombers. So exciting!!!! I think there was a show nearby. We couldn't go, tho.

My dad was in the Battle of the Bulge and was wounded there so got home to us. He was so young, had two little kids and got drafted. They were taking anybody they could get I think. 


Was watching the PBS Memorial Day Concert last night. They had a short bit on the women in WWll - ("We can do it!) I believe they said there were 350, 000 women working in the war effort. All the military ones of course, Wacs, Waves, Wafs, etc. Then there were the factory workers, and the code breakers, and on and on. I would have loved to have been a code breaker!!! Here's some gals in a munitions factory!


Black and white photograph of women working on a production line in a factory