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Wow, had no idea his age, he and kathie lee were great together.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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As a young mother, I watched him and Kathie Lee every day. Even though not unexpected when one is almost 89, this one makes me a bit sad. 

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Just a day or two ago, I watched him in a couple of Hot In Cleveland episodes.   On GET TV.


He was such an energetically 'living forever' personality.


Sending heartfelt thoughts to Joy and his entire family and friends. 



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@Shelbelle , thanks for posting.  I always liked him.  A tip of the hat to what appeared to be a life well lived.  LM

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Saw the news about Regis when  flipping channels.  He was so entertaining, and told the best show biz stories.  He'll sure be missed.

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His age of 89 surprised me. I would have guessed he was much younger. 

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This is sad news. I know this is going to be hard on Kathie Lee, they remained close friends long after their show.  


Life-long friends are a true blessing! He had such a wonderful legacy!

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He was a great entertainer. He was smart, witty and pleasant. You don't see those qualities in a lot of celebrities.

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I always enjoyed Regis on the morning show and on Millionaire.  He was such a quick wit.  And how appropriate that he died on Friday - giving Live with Kelly and Ryan the whole weekend to work on a tribute show.  Great timing - I'd have expected no less.

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RIP, Regis!!  You were one of a kind and a class act!!  I enjoyed Regis the most with Kathie Lee.  My husband and I were fortunate to get tickets to show once when we visited NYC.  What fun!  Very sad to hear of his passing.  I wonder if he will be buried at Notre Dame which he loved!


Thanks for the memories......