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Regis was a real PRO!!!!!! He holds the Guinness World Record for the most hours on US television. Always entertaining and --- he was born in the Bronx. 

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I haven't thought about him in years. That's how it seems to go with older celebrities, they disappear and then you hear they've passed. 

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Prayers for his family. I used to love watching him. He had a very long and successful career. We will miss him.
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He will be missed. He is my favorite host of all times. Poor Joy. 

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Regis Philbin at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.jpg

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Seems like all the greats are dying around us. For those born in the 1940s it is a scary time.  Hope his family is ok in this time of sorrow. I always liked him together with Kathy Lee. I also wanted ABC to replace the New Years Eve show with Regis instead of  Ryan Seacrest. 

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I just read this on my Kindle, I am so sad. He was so personable, there is a good reason he holds the Guinness Book of World Records for logging in the most hours on tv, he was beloved. Condolences to his family, rest in peace Regis, you will be missed.

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Re: Regis Philbin, RIP

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Love Regis. Very few people left who were so entertaining and real. He'll never be replaced in this revolving door of fake celebrities.

Philbin holds the Guiness World Record for the most hours on US television. His trademarks include his excited manner, his New York Accent (he's from the Bronx), his wit, and his irreverent ad-libs.


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I remember he started out as Joey Bishop's sidekick in the late 60's on Bishops late night talk show. 

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He was such a mainstay in the 90s. Regis and Kathie Lee. Another end of an era.

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