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Don't know but if they did, it wouldn't surprise me.


This happens to many drugs due to regulations on ingredients or the parent company decides (for whatever reason) to no longer sell in the US- usually do to loss of profit.


I used a drug for decades for my asthma and then longer available in the US. A large number of asthmatics who can not use steriods (including myself) scrambled to find a medication that worked as well...couldn't find one. So now I (and others) had to resort to multiple meds or use steriods. The drug IS, however, sold in Canada and all over Europe. Why not in the US? Profit. THe company wasn't making enough millions in the US to warrant keeping a factory and employees. 


Recently, the nebulizer form became availabe so I am using that. Makes me gag and sometimes puke but at least I'm off the steriods.


Hope you're able to find something that works.

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@Kachina624, I am sorry to hear you have trouble getting this because I know it gives you some relief.  If is definitely still sold OTC in Canada.  I saw it at Costco yesterday.  Hope you find another source.


As an aside, I asked my dr one day if Celebrex was ok for me to take given all the warnings about it.  He told me that OTC drugs were, on the whole, much worse for you than prescription meds.  I was surprised at that.  It was news to me but perhaps not to anyone else.  Now I get prescription meds if possible to address my aches and pains.


hope you find a workable solution.  Maybe Amazon can help.  They have such great customer service.  LM

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@Snowpuppy wrote:

I live close to the border and no, Canadians have not stopped selling to the US. Usually a drug is pulled because of side effects.


Have you contacted another pharmacy to see if you can order it? 


I order my contact lenses from Canada. One seller quit shipping to the US but I found another who still does.

@Snowpuppy  Yes, I looked at 10 or so last night.  Apparently they'll still sell it to Canadians with a prescription



This being the case, it could be either scenario - cracking down on anyone buying it even in Canada, OR that either govt decided to close that particular loophole - perhaps at the request of Novartis, since as you say it costs at least double here.


I could get a Rx, but even with insurance the cost that way would be $55 vs less than half that from the Canadian pharmacy. I know because at @Kachina624's recommendation, several months ago I ordered some.


It worked for me better than any typical OTC rub, but nothing has worked better for me than CBD oil and topical cannabis combined. I live in a legal state, but pure CBD oil is legal to be bought/sold in all 50 states. There are two CBD oil threads in the Wellness forum for anyone who wants to read up.

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@suzyQ3 wrote:

@Kachina624, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm assuming that you cannot buy it in the U.S.?


I'd be surprised if Canada has stopped the sale of all prescription drugs to the U.S, but who the heck knows? I'll say no more. Lips sealed.


I've been buying it in the US for the last few years.


I no longer use it, though, because the risks, IMO, far outweigh the benefits.  I actually threw away 4 huge tubes recently.

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I recently threw away my tubes as well!

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Im surprised to hear its OTC  as I use it daily & agree it's the only thing that works for me! (I have osteo & Rhuematoid arthritis) this med is prescribe by my physician.  I don't know if this is the "ointment" you're referring to but this is the generic for Voltaren Gel 1%. Not sure what strength you use. 


My insurance pays a good portion of it. I think I paid $9 for a month supply - I get 3 tubes at a time ($27) and had it filled in April, 2017 I assume it is still on the list.


I've never had any side effects as listed. I hope you'll be able to get it as I know it works! 



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@homedecor1, it is Rx-only in the US, but until very recently (as the OP just discovered) it's OTC in Canada and Canadian pharmacies have been shipping it to the US. Now, suddenly, they won't ship to the US.


As I stated in a previous post, even with my insurance, my cost for it in the US, prescribed by my doctor, would be $55 per tube, while the tube I got from Canada was $25 including shipping. I presume it's similar for the OP.


So buying it OTC from Canada has been a big $$ saving for the OP, and for me.

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I have an appointment with my doctor in about 10 days.  Maybe I'll get her to do a prescription but first I'll check the cost.   Thanks @homedecor1

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yes I read how expensive the US script was. I do recall last year I was paying $33/tube then my insurance company revised the tier drug list. I believe the price was lowered because of the tier.


I'm extremely fortunate (and lucky) I normally have $0 co-pay on dr or drugs, plus I have 100% coverage for specialists, eye doctor & dentist.  I just know this is the only Rx I pay for.


thank you for clarifying this.