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Re: Rainbow Bridge III

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@hckynut  What a beautiful sentimental journey you wrote about your sweet boy Cruiser.  My thoughts go out to you and your wife. So very hard to part with our babies when the time comes to make the decision to ease their fear and pain.  I also have a tuxedo boy named Sylvester whom I love to pieces.

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Thank you for sharing the beautiful Cruiser and his story, John.

I had to bid a wrenching farewell to my little gray tuxie a few months ago.   It's never easy, our hearts break a wee bit more with each goodbye.   
I'm sorry you had to let him go to his journey over the bridge, but glad to know he had warmth and sanctuary, safety and love in his 18 years with you and Cindy.   Prayers for you all.❤️

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I can't read your news and the posts, because my heart aches just thinking about it.


Wishing you and yours peace and comfort.  


Wishing all pets delightful happiness over and above a  beautiful rainbow. 





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It is the heart breaking action we have to do ,to let them pass from this earth.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.