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Re: Rainbow Bridge II

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@hckynut,  I'm so sorry.💔

My eyes welled up with tears reading your farewell to Sadie.  The coinciding dates you mention remind me of deep eternal connection, links in an unbroken chain of lives carried forward, a legacy.  
I said goodbye to my glorious Rosie cat a few months ago, still trying to accept the loss.   

One thing I know for sure is that Sadie shared in a blessed life in the safe harbor of your home and she was wrapped in the arms of your and Cindy's love when she passed away.  

She knew, felt, and was comforted by that embrace.  My prayers for healing and solace.❤️

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OOOhhhhhh, I'm so very sorry {{{{{{{{{@hckynut }}}}}}}}}}

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Re: Rainbow Bridge II

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@hckynut Ive read that animals will do all that they can to keep from seeming sick. It's a survival thing, not to seem weak. I bet your Sadie remained in the room so that she was near but not too near. 


When you need the comfort, try to remember what a fantastic life you gave these cats. My friend reminded me to think about that and it really helped when I'd cry my eyes out. 


Bless you and your wife...

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I am also deeply sorry for your loss @hckynut.

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I am very sorry to read this and so soon to the other loss of a loved one(kitty).

Makes me very sad as we have a nine year old kitty going thru breast cancer right now.  It's three weeks tomorrow she had all one side mammories removed.  Recovering pretty well, but not such a good prognosis.  

Take care and I believe she didn't want either of you to know to was going to leave, so left quietly.  

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@hckynut  I am really sorry.   I know that your wife would have liked to hold her until the end, but at least Sadie was near your wife and could feel her presence.


No matter the circumstances, we all wish that our pets could live with us forever.  Sadie is now with Molly and they are okay together.

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There are no words I can offer, only memories of the love and comfort you and your wife shared with Sadie.

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So very sorry for your losses.  It is so difficult to lose one, but two is terrible.  Good thoughts for you and your wife.

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It is never easy losing a pet as we go through the process of grieving.  We also may experience guilt for one reason or another, it is normal.  I am sorry for the loss of your Sadie and hope that your wife can come to terms with her passing and have peace of mind.

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Sorry John, know that  pain of parting.  I just try and picture the fur babies all running and playing together at the bridge.  That's what I told my little Molly, when she had to leave us too.  They'll all be there waiting on us, I'm sure of it.  Heart