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Rollin Hand was my favorite character of Mr. Landau's and an episode of Twilight Zone where he plays a spy who outwits another spy.

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Oh, I'm sorry to hear this, I've always liked him.  He and his real-life wife Barbara Bain were so good in "Mission: Impossible".  And I really liked his slithery performance as James Mason's aide de camp in "North by Northwest.  His attractively long bony face was expressive and exuded intelligence...

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I adored him.  He used to be one of my favorite actors.

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I really liked him, he was such a good actor.



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So sad. 

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He was excellent in Woody Allen's Crimes and Misdemeanors.  

This is so odd; I was wondering about him just the other day, trying to remember whether he was still alive.   

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I've been a fan since Mission: Impossible days. When I was in HS I had a chance to visit the set, and was bitterly disappointed that he wasn't there that day. 


I think it's wonderful that he had such a marvelous career and recognition at an age when most actors were retiring. He lived a long and fruitful life.

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Martin Landau,

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