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We lost Eddie Money this morning.  What a talented man he was.

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@Snoopp  Thanks for posting.  He was very talented.  RIP in Paradise, Eddie!

The next time that I hear salt and ice together, it better be in a margarita!
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Can't believe it was that quick and he is now gone. Just last night watched his reality show 'Real Money' on AXS TV and they were discussing his diagnosis. Eddie was even joking how he wants to be buried next to Karen Carpenter's resting place.

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Very talented, I enjoyed his music.


My DH  lived 9 months after his diagnosis, but he was younger, 56

It was a brutal 9 months for the both of us



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Just heard about him passing away in the car.


Will miss him.


His music will live on forever.Heart

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This is sad to hear, he had some great tunes!

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God's Speed 💞

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Sorry to read this.  I only heard about him being ill recently. 

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So sorry for your loss, but how lucky your husband was to have you by his side.

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Registered: ‎03-25-2010 sorry your DH struggle and passing, may he now rest in peace