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On 1/31/2015 isaboo said:
On 1/30/2015 winamac1 said:

I think Denise Richards is absolutely GORGEOUS, but she looked as if she had too much recent work done. She looked "different" and a bit puffy. It was disappointing as she's stunning.

I noticed no one that looked like Jen Rade next to Lisa Rinna--but I didn't look that hard.

I think Lisa Rinna is great on that show. I'm not sure about Eileen. I liked her at first, but I think she's a bit of a drama queen. Lisa R. is fabulous!

I also though that it looked like Denise Richards had some work done. She is still very pretty but looked a little different.

OMGosh ITA!! I was SO disappointed to see that Denise Richards had work done. Her face looked WEIRD. I used to think she was absolutely STUNNING! I can't believe she messed with that almost perfect face. It's so sad to see these Hollywood women who are stunning "ruin" their looks. She definitely looked to have work done, and it looked like fillers gone awry.

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What do you bet Denise Richards become the next BHHW? She would certainly bring a lot of drama to the table with Charlie Sheen being her ex-husband.