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Question regarding tipping

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This is the first time I have ever experienced this situation. I made an appointment at a high end hair salon.  I chose to have the owner who was a "Master" with a Level 4.  His price was the most expensive by at least $ 15.00. It was for a haircut but really turned into a trim and slight shaping. His assistant (who was a licensed stylist) washed my hair, she did the blowout and styling as well.  He only did the trim on my hair.


My dilemma came as to tipping. I tipped his assistant generously because of the amount of time and work she spent. I hesitated in tipping him because his price was higher and he, only, cut my hair.  I did tip him as well but afterwards I thought I should not have.  I have been to many salons where the owner's price is higher and someone else shampoos my hair but the owner has, always, done the cut, styling and blow out and I have, always, tipped the owner and the shampoo girl.


My husband was a hair stylist at Bloomingdales and later owned his owned his own salon in Manhattan for over 30 years. As an owner, his prices were the same for any stylist of your chosing, so I am aware of how salons operate.  Some of his clients would not tip him because he was "the owner" even though his price was not higher but the majority did.


Anyone else have this experience? Just curious.

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Re: Question regarding tipping

Good question.  Looking forward to the responses.  I will be having a similar dilemma on my next visit to the hair salon. 


If the owner works alone in her own shop, do you still tip her?  She does it all, has no help, its just her.  I always get a cut and single-process color, takes about 2 hours from start to finish.


Going to get a haircut is not a cheap thing these days and any $$$ we don't have to spend is a bonus.  I'd always heard in the past the owner of the salon doesn't need to be tipped but seems awkward not to.

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Re: Question regarding tipping

I think not tipping the owner of a salon is outdated.


I would have tipped both the assistant as well as the owner.   I think figuring out how much to tip is complicated when you have one person cutting your hair and another person styling your hair.  I would have probably just split the tip evenly between them.  


It will be interesting to see what the replies are here.  LOL

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Re: Question regarding tipping

The person who did your hair should be tipped.  How much is your choice. I would have tipped the assistant more too.

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Re: Question regarding tipping

I wouldn't tip the owner.  His price is already higher and I would think he's getting a percentage of the earnings of the other stylists in his salon.  Plus he spent so little time with you.


I'm glad I go to Supercuts!! I couldn't take the stress of a "high end" salon--LOL!!!




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Re: Question regarding tipping

We shouldn't have to be mathematicians to add a gratuity to an already high- priced service. If I were you, I would add 20-25% to the bill and allow them to decide how to split it.

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Re: Question regarding tipping

I always tip 20%, total.  Doesn't matter who owns the salon to me.  I also agree 'not' tipping the owner is outdated. 


How ever they chose to divide it up is up to them.  If the owner has an assistant, that is their choice.  I tip once. How they share the 20% is up to them.  


I do not tip individually.  I write one check with the 20% included. 

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Re: Question regarding tipping

As long as I live, I will never understand why we're expected to tip at a hair salon.

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Re: Question regarding tipping

I think it’s a lot of nerve for the owner “Master-Level 4” to charge $15.00 more, and then on top of it, doesn’t even do all the work. I would’ve tipped 20% total, but I personally would have handed the owner half, and the assistant half.
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Re: Question regarding tipping

I used to go to a high end salon but since the Pandemic I've been going to someone who has a small salon out of her home. 


It's just her (I like that it's only the two of us) and she charges less than half of what I paid before. 


I've been tipping her but my friend who told me about her said not to tip one does...but I don't feel comfortable not doing so....why does this have to be complicated?!!