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Question about Extreme Home Makeover

I am not being snotty or anything but just have some questions.

They recently built a house here for a single mother and her1 young and 1 grown child. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 and half bath. She also got the usual trip to Disneyland for the week. Also was given the furnishings, Landscaping, a SUV, college educations for both children and as I was reading in the paper the local food bank will be giving her 100 pounds of food monthly for the next year. They are also taking donations for anyone who wants to donate money.

I was wondering if she has to pay taxes on this stuff or maybe that is what the donations of money is being sent in for.

Her house originally was in pretty bad shape. No heat and termite infested. This episode they said will air in about 6 weeks. My husband talked to someone that worked on the project and he said the head guy who hosts the show only spent maybe 5 minutes there the whole week. They filmed him in the house moving things around and never saw him again till they unveiled the house to the family. Just wondering if anyone had one of these built around where they live and how are the families that had it done doing now.