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I just looked at the QVC program guide and saw that the program listed for Saturday, February 10 shows a listing of "QVC & HSN" More to Love Weekend".  Wonder what that is about.  Are they now doing joined programming every once in a while?

Colleen Lopez mentioned QVC before Christmas stating that both networks work hard to source the best gems.  This is going to be interesting.  

I've heard Colleen a couple of times mention QVC as their sister station and during his last visit, Andrew Lessman mentioned QVC as well.   

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I tend to purchase more from HSN but do watch both. Probably more HSN.

I have noticed lately that Evine (where di they get that name?) is getting lines from both QVC and HSN. I wonder what they are offering and why companies are making the switch. 

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I was surprised that Frontgate was a part of HSN or HSN was a part of Frontgate.


I have some really nice things from Frontgate and although pricey worth it.


I have a feeling if they offer anything from Frontgate on either of these shopping channels, the selections will go down the tubes.