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Have just watched both shows, and is it only me that is so appalled that
QVC would ship hosts (3), models, crew and mountains of equipment to the Beverly Hills Hotel for these shows, pay hotel rooms and to sell items like Gossip watches. Nothing against Gossip watches, they are good value, but how much did this trip cost, and who pays? We do. The economy is terrible, and for whatever reason, QVC does this. Who was it really for? Shawn K and LisaR, plus new host in training, Courtney C, all got to wear designer dresses, got excited about meeting Colin Firth, stay in a fabulous hotel room etc. etc. Read Shawn's blog about the flat-screen TV in the bathroom. She didn't stay in Motel 6!!!

I thought they were going to be on the Red carpet at the Oscars, but they were in the hotel two nights prior to the Oscars and selling regular QVC items, like, as I said, Gossip watches, Joan Rivers jewelry and Doris Dalton's makeup. Well worth the money - NOT!!