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Cutting out fried food and sweets does not produce a lightning weight loss like Leah's.  I think she is too thin, because her neck looks horrible and her face has aged. Not trying to bash, I love Leah, but she looks older

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Leah looks beautiful.  She inspires me!

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I'm not going to talk about any particular host but I will share MY experience as I have several family members who had surgical procedures.


The process is a long process, they have to take several tests and their surgerys are scheduled many times 1 year out.


I learned from my family..... the wording and way of talking so one is not LYING but not really sharing the entire story.


For example, 


A person says I started in March 2017.  WHich "can" mean...

I started the process and started getting my cardiologist, mental health testing, etc etc.


Then the person has the surgery in say Dec 2017.


Also....Nowadays many people get the surgery lapricopcially (SP) so their skin is not cut.  SO they can be back at work in 2 weeks.


Another thing, just because something is written on facebook DOES NOT MEAN IT IS TRUE!!!


For example, ...I'm on leave at Myrtle Beach


Unless you are seeing a date stamped picture, I can post a picture on facebook from last year.  Especially if the picture, is of me sitting in a chair, you are only seeing my feet and the WATER.....


SO I'm just giong to say an old phrase......pick sense out of nonsense   (This is a west indian phrase)  It means, think, analyze, and dont be so quick to believe the "hype".


ALSO FASTING is getting to be very popular.  Fasting where people eat just one meal a day or don't eat for 2 days at a time.  SO we don't know how anyone lost weight.


As a plus size, I know it is hard to loose weight, I started in Sept 2018 and have yet to lose 20 lbs.  SO please understand it is not easy to lose weight.  But I have a girlfriend who loses weight VERY FAST, so every person is differernt but I do KNOW as we get OLDER It is harder.

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