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         Is anybody interested???  I like Carol H's items, own several and was looking forward to this product..  But to my eyes, there is something weird about this three piece pj set.  The "jacket" is so voluminous and billowing around the hips - everyone looks huge in that area!!  The top and pants look comfy, but the jacket is ill fitting...

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I agree 100%.  I was hoping for something lovely that might come in red for Christmas morning.  This 3 piece set looked like the Cardigan top could be worn as a short robe.  The way it is fitted at the waist and then gathered for the lower portion doesn't suit my body type at all.  I agree that it adds weight visually because of the cut.  I much prefer the femine prints and lace that this brand usually includes in the design.  I did pick up Stan Herman's beautiful red robe that was on AM Syle Saturday morning.  I think  that I will wear that for Christmas morning with a gown I already have.  I always  love the design of  Stan Herman's robes!

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Years ago I bought a Carol Hochman TSV and it was so cheaply made with the worst possible fabric.  I should have returned it but I didn't.  I only wore it a few times and eventually donated it.  I have been leary of her things ever since.  I did see this big deal and agree that that cardigan looks goofy.  It does not really look good on anyone.

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I also noticed that. It's not all cotton either. I keep it cooler in the house in the winter so if I wear poly/cotton blend I have static from it & it sticks to my legs which I cannot stand.