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@stevieb   Too funny!   I have to agree with everyone.  They need to do something for sure.   3 channels of nothing.   Can you imagine what is costs to have 3 channels and sales are not doing well.  I don't get it. 

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@bonnielu wrote:

I have not watched for a long time.  Yes, I check in and look around but I don't stay.


1.  Same choices over and over

2.  Rising prices

3.  Hosts who are more interested in promoting themselves than the product.  

4.  Cosmetics and Beauty shows  over and over all trying to fix us and make us young... with no disclaimer.  Vendors who have had cosmetic surgery and do not TELL.  Seems dishonest because the FIX was not from the product but from the procedure.  And if you do no watch for a long time even the hosts have had things done and still try to peddle the products.  

If all that stuff worked the old show hosts would look great.   I don''t see that do you?

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Re: Programming?!?!?

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I’ll tell you what.  I’m not liking this Q HSN merger. Last week I was bored on QVC watching that mosquito killer over and over and over.  Well yesterday HSN had it on overkill as well.  Would have been nice to have something else to watch while that mattress was being beat to death!

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Today is all day fashion again!  Thank goodness there is more of a variety on Q2.

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And tell me - How do I get the mattress back in the box to return it?  I did not buy it - just thinking about it! 

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Fashions today!  Yay!



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They never “went there”.  Those mattresses self fluff so I’d imagine that without the special vacuum packing machine used in their factory you’d be out of luck.  I avoid these kinds of purchases from QVC. I have heard treadmills are a nightmare to send back as well.

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@Foxxee wrote:

But, CEO Mike George said programming was going to be exciting. 


Found this on HSN's website.


QVC and HSN will continue to have their own distinct personalities—remaining separate brands, with HSN broadcasting from St. Petersburg, FL and QVC from its studios in West Chester, PA.


HSN and QVC have so much in common. We’re both committed to bringing you curated collections of world-class brands and entrepreneurial products presented in fun, engaging ways.


We both strive to connect you with new ideas, interesting conversations, exciting personalities, and the hottest pop-culture events via our broadcast channels, websites, mobile apps, social pages, and other touchpoints. And we’re both constantly innovatingalways looking for ways to make your experience with us richer and more exciting.


Thank you for your loyalty and commitment to HSN, to QVC, or to both brands. We look forward to continuing to offer you extraordinary shopping experiences.


Mike George

President and CEO, QVC, Inc.





Best laugh of the day, thank you for sharing.......

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QVC, in my opinion, does not need 2 channels. Most of the time it doesn't tell you what's on, just paid programming. Also previously recorded comes up slot. This is what Evine does and we see what's happening there. I know Change happens but it has to be done right. I feel also that more often here lately people are basically punished for not using the Q card. What difference does it make as long as payment is made. I would hate to see QVC follow Evine😔