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@SouthernBee wrote:

@bikerbabe : Thanks. DH loves fresh cherries, plums, bananas and peaches. In two weeks he will drive to Pearson Peach farm in Fort Valley, Ga. He buys cases of peaches for us, family and friends. Last year didn't make the trip due to low harvest . We purchase two cases: one to eat and one to freeze. Due to my current health issues, my SIL and BIL will prepare my peaches for the freezer.

DH has been doing this for 25 years. Previously he traveled to Reynolds, GA for the peaches but that business closed. 

I normally make DH a peach cobbler for Father's Day but not physically able but I still have peaches in the freezer.

Thanks for asking. Please continue to post with us @Preds❤, very friendly and loving group.

@bikerbabe wrote:

I like Sprouts but it’s a drive. Some weeks I just Instacart it.

What is DH favorite fruit?

I hope you can get a cardiologist appt without too long a wait. I saw some of your posts on Wellness.



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dear predsHeart  and friendsHeart


@SouthernBee @bikerbabe @MyShadowLove @Yahooey @loveschocolate @PamfromCT @geezerette @JaneMarple @dooBdoo @NEvans2 @4kitties @KBEANS ,etcHeart


I staded home today  as pancakes sis had stressed me out so much:smiley and caused stomch issues  on me yesterday.Smiley Sad


New neighbor took my old mailbox off  the wooded post this morning,

redid post holding box

,added 2 small arms to it 

and us both  new black medal mailboxes 

then added out house numbers on their doors!Smiley Very Happy


My storm door latch won't latch to lock it from the inside,so i ordered 3 s   4inch medal black   hooks  and eyes  like we used to have in the old days to latch wooden screen doors shut and   used cement"glue"  on them on the inside of my metal  stoem door! 


Will the glued  the hook&eyes hold??

I gon't know.??..if not i will have someone use a drill   and use the screws that came it.


I want to use the half screen down to let fresh air in when ever have cooler days....and not worry if some one would enter my house without my knowing about it if i was in basement,etc.



lubs ya!!!Heart

preds 06-21-20
"Always be thankful andyou'll have more than you know."
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oldest son called me to give me a update on his CLL(lukemia)  from his doctors visit today.

Number went from# 17,  3 months  ago .... back to 27.!..was told it it went to 30 then they will worry! 


Also one lump is enlarged a tad more then other ones,   he hasn't gained his 5 pounds he lost while stressed out while his wife had 2 surgeries days apart  last month plus she had reactions from medicine perscribed for her!


But the doctor gave him a perscription med guarteed to make him eat  more....and he laughed and told me he is so hungry now!


After we talked a bit and then hung up i needed a 1/2  of a anxiety script medSmiley Sad

He was in good spirits  and not upset!  well i waited until later then stressed out.


I'm doing better now..pill helped me.


lubs ya!Heart

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"Always be thankful andyou'll have more than you know."
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@cowboy sam : Always something with your Sis and good idea to take breaks for your mental and stomach issues. 

I know you will enjoy the new mail box. Hopefully your new neighbor will be available to help with small house repairs.🤗❤🙏🤗

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@cowboy sam 


Sorry to hear your son's numbers have gone up. ☹️  It sounds like he is taking it in his stride though.


I won't say "don't worry" because that's impossible, I know.  Try to concentrate on the fact that his doctors are keeping close track of his situation.  And he's eating now, so that's good!


And take advantage of your medication when you need it.


Lubs ya!💕

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Good to hear you're getting some of your problems solved, if slowly.  Yes, things are expensive now--even if you have to get out and get them yourself!  Sometimes even more frustrating trying to get delivery.  So many little normal things we used to do without thinking have become hassles now.😡  At least you got your phone straightened out.👍


I hope you can get your good peaches and find out soon about that cardiologist appointment.  In the meantime, stay cool and try not to stress.❤️

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@geezerette : Thank you and praying that you are feeling better.

DH feeling better and went out to eat lunch and will bring me something.

The cardiologist office is closed today.

I placed my 3 grocery orders and hope everything is available that I ordered for Father's Day. Plus I have a beautiful card and restaurant gift cards for Dh.

Planning to enjoy the weekend, and next week deal with other issues.

Enjoy your weekend and stay cool.🤗🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

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Aw, thanks.  You're always so kind to think of others even when you're struggling with your own problems.❤️


I do finally feel somewhat better.  My head has been stuffy and fuzzy for so long now I can't think clearly (which I have a problem with normally anyway!😄).  Today is the last day for my antibiotics so that should help clear my head some, although my ears are still plugged up.  Good thing I don't have neighbors close by since I have to have the TV on full blast to hear it right now!🤫


It's getting hot here--heat indices into the 100s this weekend with the rise in humidity.  Not pleasant, but better than tornadoes.


I'm sure your DH will have a wonderful Father's Day.  I'll bet your card is lovely and I know you appreciate him for all that he's been doing for you.  But you do so much for him, too!😉


Take care.❤️

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waving hello to the regulars @geezerette @SouthernBee @cowboy sam @MyShadowLove @loveschocolate @dooBdoo @Tique @NEvans2 @PamfromCT and welcome @bikerbabe 


sometimes girl brain just works - this gurl brain works but none the less - 

it gets overlooksed but this gurl continues to chug along bc what is the alternative?


i check and doubcheck - research - save pdfs - send pdf to appropriate licensed (if needed) supposedly to professionals


i will not be putting in a dishwasher - i wanted as big a sink as possible in my limited allocated cabinet - my old sink was 21.5 wide and when you put in a half sheet tray which is 18" wide - it is cumbersome to turn around


my allocated cabinet is 30" width

the stainless steel sink I found was 26.5 - 5 extra inches YAY

minimum suggsted cabinet size is 30" - but girl brain wante to be sure

i sent the pdf to my kitchen cabinet guy to confirm - is this okay before i purchase



cabinets were put in

counter guy came in and measure - looked at the purchased sink

there was a big ding - i did not open the box prior - the box was not bent or damaged

Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 1.15.23 PM.png

had to call pumbing supply - sent evidence and got an exchange - looks good

the way things are going - let me measure the sink and the opening of the cabinet

that's weird - sink seems bigger - maybe measuring tape is tilting bc i'm stretching it not straight - let me lug the sink and plop it into the opening


Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 1.20.30 PM.png


it is very nicely sitting on top of the brace - i asked my brother to cut the vertical strips of wood on both sides so it is centered - he tells me - tell the counter guy to cut it

NOOOOOOO bc it is not his job and i dont want to call the kitchen guy bc i had the sink all along and he coud have asked to see and doublecheck - he put the standard brace on and called it a day - if he asked if sink was avail - he would have seen that the needed thinner piece of wood - but nope


the counter guy that came and took measuements - he took a template

but he could have doublechecked to make sure sink would fit

nope - his job cut hole for sink - and when the counter comes in and he attache it to the counter and tries to lower counter to cabinet - nope - sink would have sat on top


he would have left and said - sink doest fit - 

yes girl brain


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btw - my brother did cut the strips of wood and the sink fits


onto rant #2

i needed to lock the meter for my gas - i have 2 meters

this meter is for the gas stove only - which i now am switching to induction

i'm paying about 20.00 a month to have a meter since i havent used any gas since feb


made the appt - told them to change my tel # to my cell number - my house phone is not connected since construction started


yes - we will make the appt and put your cell on our records 

appt is between 10-2pm


at 1pm - i called them - is the guy coming ?

yes - it may be all day and not the specific time period

i wait - at 4pm - i called them 


the guy came - there was no answer on the phone and no access to the meter

WHAT???? what number did he call - house number. WHAT????

i told you to change the number to the cell

yes ma'am - we did that but the appt was put under the house number


so i wait again this sunday to lock the meter 8-1pm