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good morning dear predsHeart   and friendsHeart


Was outside just long enough to get my mail....its ugggh humidity out!

Feels like rain coming soon!


I also

I can smell the ripe corn in field close to my yard!

i have a headache from it!


Need to find my couch and snuggly blanky


lubd ya!Heart

preds 06-21-20
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Re: @Preds ❤️

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@cowboy sam wrote:



Thanks, for the delivery of your delicious roasted chicken dinner it was delicious!Heart


I agree about animals needing new homes  after being forced out by humans😥😡


lubs ya!Heart




Hi @cowboy sam ...We are always thinking of you when it comes to good "fudz" you enjoyed it!


Yes, we all need to be more mindful of the precious wildlife that we share our planet with as they are very crucial to maintaining a healthy balance and well-being of our environment in which we all play a role.


We've had a very rainy weekend which has also extended into today....It has been pouring here and I just got home about an hour ago...Our ground is already saturated from all of the Spring/Summer rains that we had...For the first time in the 20 years that we have been here, we had some minor leaking in a couple of places in our basement just a couple of months ago or so....We are waiting for a definite date when the foundation company will be coming out to do the necessary work needed as their schedules are so full...Always something when you own a home!


Fall is on its way which I love!...Looking forward to Pumpkin Season and planting Mums once the weather clears up.


It is so quiet here on the thread!...Quietly tip-toeing out!...LOL


Lubs Ya! Heart




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evening @MyShadowLove @cowboy sam @JaneMarple @loveschocolate @Mj12 

@dooBdoo @KBEANS @geezerette @SouthernBee @Tique 


went down the rabbt hole yesterday....

got an email from a seed company - time to buy garlic to plant

i tried the supermarket cloves last year - 1 clove in - maybe and maybe 1 clove out

i did not get a full bulb - dont know why you have to buy garlic heads


they do NOT sell a few cheaply - bags of 25 or cheapest is 4 or 5 heads for $25.00

of course each head is multiple cloves


then i decided no.... went looking at other seeds and BAM!!!!

usually i buy seeds after the holidays - when it is dreary - i look forward to spring but.....


Brussels Sprouts need to be planted a few weeks ago. - they thrive in cool/colder weather.... and then i needed something for our pollinator friends....


i dont eat carrots except when i'm making stews and stuff

but the sweetest most delicious carrot was years ago - i went to a you pick farm and pull that su%ker out of the ground and oh gosh so good.... and so it goes


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@cowboy sam @Tique 



our @MyShadowLove is very articulate and speaks from the ❤️ 

except when she is hanging out the car window calling my name when she passes NYC




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Good evening Preds and friends. I'll post more later in the week as I am emotionally exhausted from the interlopers visit. I cried all last night. I'm done with them. I'm telling my DH whenever they plan on visiting, I'm going to Ohio. I'm not putting up with MIL passive/aggressive behavior anymore. Being old is NOT an excuse to treat people horribly. 

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Good Evening Y'all: Interesting day. First visit with endocrinologist, lady doctor. I like her. I have zero muscle and zero metabolism and she is very concerned. Need info from most recent blood test and don't see my primary care doctor until November but will see if test results from last visit will be ok. New place has no labs. She suspects my thyroid medication needs to be increased. Until then suggested that I keep a food diary. No eating after 8 p.m less than 1200 calories, keto low carb, low fat with eating lot of chicken and fish. Let the fun begin.

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@loveschocolate : Yes, time to speak up and do something for yourself. You need a special treat.🤗🤗🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤❤❤

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awww @loveschocolate 





i remember distinctly when i was much much younger - this happened at work and someone said to me - so and so is older - show them some respect - kinda respect your elders sort of thing - i must have been in my 20s and this person was still working so - can't be that old 


i said - you get respect when you deserve it - being older does NOT mean you get it automactially - and one being a j@rk has no age boundaries


yes - loves - you deserve respect and kindness by opening your home to them 

and yes - i know they invaded more so than were invited


i'm so so sorry you are going through this.... 

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oh gosh.... good luck

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@loveschocolate   as much as I understand how you are feeling you can't allow someone else to drive you away from your own home. Time for DH to step up for you, the person he exchanged vows with and promised to put ahead of all others when he married you.


If my word doesn't carry much weight...that's okay. Take a few minutes to imagine you and Preds having a private conversation. Think about what she would say to you.


Have a Hug from Me :: Hugs ::

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