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Good afternoon predsHeartand friendsHeart


@Bri369 @Mj12 @loveschocolate @dooBdoo 


lubs ya!Heart

preds 06-21-20
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Hello all Lovelies!

Hello my dear friend @NAES1!

Couldn’t get on this website this am at all.  Finally it’s ok.

Hope everyone is safe and sound.  The heat here is quite bad, looks like NE finally getting our dose.  Feel sorry for all those with no AC.  


Yes, NAES, some days want you to go back to bed and start over.  Full moon or whatever?  So interesting you knew dear Preds “back when.”  Yes, she was a pure pleasure, a kind soul, who always knew the right thing to say.  So missed by all.


Get back on the “old thread” and give me a shout-out.  I really don’t care what one cranky person has to say.  We all have our bad days, but to a few (and not on this site!), every day is a bad day.  


All my my best to one and all.  Love all the funny pictures and talk about your yummy cooking, activities, and the troubles we share.  LUBs to all.






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@Mj12 wrote:

Good morning to everyone except whoever runs this website.

good evening....


tried in the morning - sigh

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peeking in although it is my bedtime


will be back again in the morning or maybe not




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hi @loveschocolate 


i was here in the wee hours -


i hid in the AC and jsut tried logging on right now


how's it going?

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hi @Drythe 


who else is here? @PamfromCT @cowboy sam @Mj12 @Bri369 @SouthernBee 

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I'm here.  Had trouble signing in again.  


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Re: @Preds ❤️

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@Yahooey  @Bri369  @PamfromCT  @Mj12 



I was was worried last night.

It has been very quiet here today, hope everyone is OK.


Best to you. 🤗 


You OK @cowboy sam ?

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              Dear Pam, 


                   I did not know that your husband's close cousin had died.

 Please receive our condolences for your entire entire family.   


   that was because I had been away for several days, only to come on much later Sunday into earlier hours of Monday.


  I thought that may have been [ E  ] from the nursing facility, then I read best friends from years ago.


Also, I thought maybe it was Brian from aviation.

I knew from two years ago he was doing better. 

He was not a cousin, that being Brian. Good friends.



  One has to be very careful  ""how""- especially me, how I illustrate my wording.


  It's a long story.

 Apparently three read a personal note as interpreted... it could have been, or was terrible- my message sounds like something happened, or had recently, [as now],-happened- which was not because I___________ used past tense.


 '... for Pam, do not give that much thought, please..... ...unfortunately too long to explain; there was much thought when I had written to a very close friend.


{ Just one of those days! I suppose,again! }   HOPE.

  Sadly, a knee jerk reaction to, - as my personal note remembering back- posted late at night.


  Just mentioned  casually to my husband moments ago; he even understood ....................Woman Surprised you bet!

Many times I am quite the guilty one thinking that others do not read me when personal notes have been sent -very similar to the one on 1 we know. 

          I did say sorry for any confusion. ??????


  !! This entire two ((2)) months, I have been very INVOLVED saving lost puppies dumped, very ill feral & lost cats back to owners/ shelters, elderly people who cannot go to their doctor because of a no ride available, or zero $$s to part with before their means comes through.

                             And this country. News.


 Update for me:

   People needing food, parents screaming 'what is my child going to learn this fall? 

 And always a Help Alert extending over a range ratio of 30+ different areas reaching out 30 / 40 miles from me. I know that I am not here everyday, BUT!, wondering what keeps others occupied ?

   Yes, I am going to one of the originals I began. 


  Hello to everyone on PREDS',wishing all of my best for a nice week-++++++ be safe out there at all  times.

I am connected to a volunteer committee. I am slowly closing down.

                                  lovingly, NAES




    Monday evening. 



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@Yahooey wrote:

dis ostrich must have @SouthernBee watch on and wanted to see how it monitored steps and the heartrate - enjoy


Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 3.40.11 PM.png

😆😆😆.Love my watch but not accurate counting steps and wish I had something better. Went with DH yesterday, to the hospital for his CT scan for his heart doctor. The walk from the parking garage to the registration area was a long walk but the watch step counter recorded only 56 steps🤷‍♀️