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Police Dog Training Video

I don't know what country this is in, but what this dog does is incredible!


I came across this on my FB page.

The Sky looks different when you have someone you love up there.
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Re: Police Dog Training Video

@Anonymous032819I haven't looked at the link but if that type of training is interesting to you look up Schutzhund training. there are clubs and competitions for this type of  training. Some Beautiful dogs.

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Re: Police Dog Training Video

It amazes me how smart dogs are. 

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That was hard to watch.

I immediately thought,

‘this looks like a circus trick...this can’t be in our country’.

Did some poking around in the comments & got more details.


Sure, good dogs will be good dogs & appear to ‘enjoy it’, 

but unnecessary ‘tricks’ like this puts a lot of stress on the

dog’s heart.  Abuse? YES!  Some might say that...especially since

the details show he’s not using this trick in a purposeful manner. 



And the guy at the end who wants us to ‘share the video?’

It’s Rick Lax....a Magic Entertainer who puts out videos on FB

”where they gain more than a billion views a month.”


And that alone angers me.  Nothing but CLICKBAIT at it’s finest.

At this poor dog’s expense.







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@sidsmomthank you for the summary of that video. Schutshund training is NOT that.