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Re: Plogging – jogging and picking up litter

I'm pretty sure I thwarted someone's plans to illegally dump the other day when I stopped my car near theirs.  The guy fiddled around with a few papers on the passenger side and moved a bag in the trunk and finally took off.  I think he wanted to dump that bag but knew I had his license plate.  A few weeks ago someone dumped their lunch garbage in the same area.   People have no sense or consideration for others.

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Re: Plogging – jogging and picking up litter

It's an epidemic where I live, obviously there is no accountability.


I thought it was just my town but I've gone to different places, where you think people should know better and it's just as bad there.  ( I live in a rural, somewhat less than middle class area)


One of the problems, besides just bad manners, is the cost of garbage removal.

It's expensive and the county raises the fee at the dump every year.


I live alone, don't have much garbage and I used to share with a neighbor, pay half her bill.    But where I live now, people move in & out so much, I can't do it.


We can't burn either.   I used to separate my trash, stuff I can burn in one container, the other is garbage.   We also separate out any recycle stuff.    


No matter what the reason, it's never acceptable to throw out your trash anywhere.

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Re: Plogging – jogging and picking up litter

When I lived in Canada garbage removal was part of the property taxes so everyone had pickup...good idea.Also most beverage containers had a recycle fee charged at purchase and refunded on return to stores.This made the odd trashed bottles worth getting picked up so you rarely spotted them.

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Re: Plogging – jogging and picking up litter

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@Tampa Lady wrote:

I do not Plog but have been picking up trash in my community and along roads in our area for at least 20 years.  I have picked up tons of trash over that time.  It is sad that you pick it up and the next few hours it is all back again.  People just do not care what is happening to our earth. 

@Tampa Lady


Thank you for caring about your community.....


When I go for my daily walk for exercise, I also take a bag along to pick up the trash....and do it when I walk to the community mail box center too.... I just dont understand how people can just throw trash out their car windows...people just don't care and dont take pride in their neighborhood or their community AND it's a reflection of themselves, they are nothing but SLOBS!!!..............



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Re: Plogging – jogging and picking up litter

Once a week, I bring a plastic garbage bag with me and pick up trash on my walk in my neighborhood. I am shocked at the trash! 

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Re: Plogging – jogging and picking up litter

Interesting @cotton4me. Never heard that word before.


People are too lazy and careless leaving trash around. Just awful!

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Re: Plogging – jogging and picking up litter

I don't understand why some people think it is OK to just toss trash out a car window...