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Please have hosts show inside of pocketbooks.

Last nite Shawn in particular had a one time only bag and there were a few on display and not once opened and showed the interior of the bag... that was definitely a sale lost. Obviously important to see how the inside is set up--how many zippered compartments, color, etc....  very disapponted and cannot even understand why it was not done... Does anyone know.

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Re: Please have hosts show inside of pocketbooks.

I think some hosts, unless it's a dedicated handbag hour, have forgotten the inside is as important as the outside to the viewers. I won't buy a purse if I don't know how it's designed inside.


Just an aside, I hope this excessive fringe look is a fad; an expensive GILI bag shown a few weeks ago had a fringe mullet. Why is it that when something used in moderation is well received it just gets exaggerated until it's horrid. 

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Re: Please have hosts show inside of pocketbooks.

@mazel@SunValley YES the hosts don't show you all the small details.  Don't buy if they don't.  THAT IS THERE JOB as sales people to go over al lthe details inside and out.  That Shaun person is total weirdness.  She wants her personality to represent everything she has on the show.  As such, I don't watch.  I never listen either.  Actually, since most of the hosts want to be personality celebrities, I get grossed out and watch other things.  I CHOOSE whom I care to be in my life as 'personalities', not a sales person on a television show. 


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Re: Please have hosts show inside of pocketbooks.

This is one of the reasons I stopped buying from QVC.  And this was a long time ago, so not Shawn and not recent.


I remember sitting through many presentations, just waiting to see the inside of a bag, and it never happened.  They were so busy talking about things having nothing to do with what they were selling that they just never got around to it, ran out of time, or whatever.  It was very frustrating, and I felt as though I had wasted my time.  Some of those presentations were pretty long, and yet they couldn't give the most basic information!


There were several times that QVC lost out on a sale because I will not buy a bag if I can't see the inside.  The odds are good that I probably would have ordered,  but I didn't then and I haven't ordered a bag since - or much else, for that matter.