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Please Read this Happy Ending

A few months I posted a topic about seeing a young woman in my local grocery store with 2 small children, I saw her steal a pkg of hamburger. I got alot of very hateful posts that I should have turned her in , called the police etc. I believe I made the right decision and I am going to share a story that sometimes things are not what they seem. Yesterday I had lunch with a friend when we sat down to be waited on I looked up at the waitress and recongized her as the young woman I saw in the store that day and by the look on her face she remembered me too. We had our meal and got up to pay( we both left a good tip she was a great waitress). As I was going out the door she stopped and ask me if she could have a moment of my time. My friend and I were in separate cars and I told her yes I would, We sat down in a booth together and she said" I know you saw me steal that meat in the store and I want to explain to you why I did it". She is a young single mom that came halfway across the country on a Grey Hound bus with her children to escape a domestic violent situation. She had a friend she would be staying with but their schedules got confused her friend was out of town with a family emergecy and she found out would not return for 2 more days. What money she had most of it went to a cab to her friends house and the rest she had spent on the children for snacks and such for the bus trip, When she got to her friends there was some hamburger helper, but not much else in the house, her children were crying with hunger and she needed to feed them. She didn't know anyone here and she felt at the time it was her only option. She got on her feet a little at a time got the waitress job and her first check she went to the grocery store and ask to speak to the manager and offered to pay him back for the theft. Guess what he offered her a job part time at the store in the office. So know she is working 2 jobs and taking classes at the local college and wants to be a social worker so she can help other young women in bad situations. She said her children are doing well, she has them in day care and is on a list to get her own apartment. She thanked me and said she was so scared the police would come and find her that night and she worried what would happen to her children. I left there with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. As I said not everything is what it appears to be. Peace everyone.