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@nana59 wrote:

Exactly what is Comfy Cozy California Chic.......

I don't know but soon I will be knee deep in snow and I will be tryin' to buy some of it!Smiley Very Happy

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@hennypenny wrote:

No one is making fun of CA. We are, however, making fun of the ridiculous marketing expression.

The most wealthy here in CA are the most dressed down most of the time.

Thank you!


I love California, but that doesn't change the fact that the CCCC thing is bs.



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Re: Please Explain....

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I just can't believe that anyone thinks that anyone who rolled their eyes at the Comfy Cozy California Chic thing was dissing California and it's residents.


We may be dissing ONE resident, but not California, for crying out loud.


I certainly wasn't dissing an entire state.  I've got great friends from California and had a great time visiting there.  It's beautiful and I met lots of nice people.


Geez Whiz.  RELAX.  GET COZY or something.



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Haven't a clue. And I live in CA. LOL!!!!!

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@Kachina624 wrote:

Thats a good question @nana59.   I have no desire to own California anything. 


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Woman HappyHeartWoman HappyHeart

@Poodlepet2 wrote:

Lets stop this and stop it now! We are a melting pot-we all have regional differences, food, cuisine, fashion....can't we just appreciate where we want to live, what we wear , and what we eat for just a minute? If somebody says something, and you don't like it, just TURN IT OFF!

After defending where I live all day, I am absolutely sick of blame games-and I will defend all states.

Not everybody in every state is wealthy-including California.

You may not realize this, but chain furniture stores and textile companies-such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, reinterpret the expensive styles of furniture and textiles so that we can afford it


Stop the Muddy Waters said, "It takes both the black keys and the white keys to play the Star Bangled Banner"

Lets appreciate differences....and to anybody out there? I love all states!




The moving finger writes; And having writ, Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line Nor all your Tears Wash out a Word of it. Omar Khayam
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I can honestly say I've NEVER bought anything just because a celebrity wears it, eats it, uses it...whatever!


Good grief!  In the town where I live ( which is right outside of D.C.) people would think I was crazy if I said "Famous people wear this!"  They'd say, "So what"...and they'd be right!


i wonder just who does that?  Who cares?

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They are just stylish casual clothes that are designed to be comfortable and made from soft fabrics.

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Sort of off topic but when Kari mentioned Gimme a Break I realized I had really missed seeing Nell Carter and Dolph Sweet.

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@Moonchilde wrote:

@Ms tyrion2 wrote:

It's a term used to make people's heads blow off in the forums.

Secondarily, it's used as an ignition switch to begin a bash California thread.


Woman LOL





Give the poster a cigar - or a margarita. There is never a chance missed to bash both the state and its residents.

@MoonchildeOh please!!!  Nobody is "bashing" the state and residents.


It's just a phrase being used for marketing.  It wouldn't even be a blip on my radar and as most posters said they didn't think about CA in of itself-just commenting on what the phrase was supposed to mean.


If you want a state that gets bashed-start one about Texas.   LOL


LIghten up already.  Be "chic" about posting.  ROTF!

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