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Plants presented vs plants received

Over the years I have purchased a number of plants from the Q. None have survived. I don't claim to be a plant expert but I do have many that have thrived that I have gotten from local places. Even a grocery store orchid that has bloomed almost continuously for 3 years. 
An example of a very disappointing purchase from the Q is item M89857 a succulent mat.  I contacted customer service, sent the picture and they sent another in the exact same condition. 

Needless to say, I don't trust any thing the presenters say when they are selling plants. 

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Re: Plants presented vs plants received

I guess I wonder why you keep ordering from them, especially given that you've had better luck with local businesses.

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Re: Plants presented vs plants received

That is awful.  I hope you asked for your money back.  You received a poor excuse for a succulent mat.


I am so sorry that happened.  What a disappointment.

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Re: Plants presented vs plants received

They don't give refunds.  They send a replacement.....once, then you're on your own.  And, if it's past the season or they run out of plants, they'll send it, or something else, next year.  Yep, that happened to me.  The following year they sent me a bunch of weeds meant for sun when what I ordered was for shade.  

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Re: Plants presented vs plants received

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I bought a lot of Q plants up to abt 4 yrs ago. I had a lot of success with Roberta's, (not so much with Cot Farms, or Phil Watson).


During these 4 yrs, Q pots of my very same plants I buy, became 1/4 the size, single plant vs 2 plants, & doubled in price.


Q Guarantee was always only sending an "end of the season," wimpy plants, no Refund$.

(I cant get out to the local Gardening spots).


So I stopped buying plants fr the Q, & I'm okay with that..


Good luck @SylvaBelle Woman Happy


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Re: Plants presented vs plants received

I ordered the QVC sunpatiens. I have not been able to find them the last two years in my area.  They should be shipped April 2 according to the info they sent. I should be able to plant them immediately. I ordered them with my eyes wide open and have never ordered plants online before...they show a photo of how they will look when they arrive. Am okay with that, but it they turn out to be a disaster or dead, I will hop on my broom and demand Q does the right thing until I am a satisfied customer.  I have as much time as it takes.

Q should never even try and sell plants if they can't guarantee their ability to ship them correctly so they arrive healthy and as represented when presented. I am horrified by the  succulent mat that OP posted. No excuse for that Q should have just refunded her money.

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Re: Plants presented vs plants received

That's a poor excuse for a succulent mat.  I would be most displeased.


I have had success with Cottage Farms, but I attribute that to my gardening skills, not the condition the plants were in on arrival.

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Re: Plants presented vs plants received

I've bought plants a few times from QVC---and will never again altho, the fragrant lily bulbs from the various vendors do very well. I still have them blooming from when I got them years ago. I did buy the sedum carpet thing and it was a joke!!! I tossed it out. I buy locally and have so much more luck with the ones from my local grocery store----I did get a refund on a few--and was sent a few replacements that died or were dead--then I got my $$ back!

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Re: Plants presented vs plants received

I’ve stopped purchasing plants/bulbs from qvc and hsn. Have not had a good experience with anything plants from them. (Roberta’s sends out poor quality tubers that don’t grow, CS sucked). HSN Flower and Petal company I think it is called is no better. I just get what I need locally.
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Re: Plants presented vs plants received

@SylvaBelle  You know, I would go to the vendors' FB page and show that. THEY are the ones that choose and ship the product directly to you, not QVC/HSN. IMHO, this is 100% on THEM and the public needs to know.


I've ordered many items that, for whatever reason, shipped directly from the vendor. Some arrived in perfect condition and were packed to the point that DH and I were EXTREMELY impressed. But boy, others.....pure junk, damaged, no protection, nothing.


Jessica Simpson products come to mind. I had ordered many of them as Xmas gifts for the women in the family. Bath products in glass, bath bombs, etc. Not only did they arrive weeks after Xmas (ordered first week of Novemeber), but EVERY. SINGLE. BOX. had shattered glass, leaking products, pulverized bath bombs because HER WAREHOUSE used NO packaging material. Just threw each order into a large box and that was that. Family members called, took pictures and I dealt with HSN (who was terrific). I then went to HER FB business page, documented it with he pictures and stated never again would I order her products. It lasted a good 2 weeks with many a response before it was *poofed*. 


Go after the VENDORS, not QVC/HSN if comes directly from their shipping location. Get your refund but let others know via FB what they can expect.

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