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Thank you for my morning chuckles.  Some of these pet peeves are really funny. 


Don't wash dirty hands in the kitchen?  So, when I'm in my kitchen and up to my elbows in chicken grease and flour, am I supposed to go to my powder room on the other side of the house to wash my hands?   I don't use paper towels.  We use cloth kitchen towels and napkins.    

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People taking food from my plate, even if it's just a French fry. 


Oh yes.   yick!   It's funny when you see, on a sitcom, where there is one character (Joey Tribbiani comes to mind, as well as a couple others) who cannot stand for people to do this and they kind of make it like he is some kind of freak.  No!  The freak is the one sticking his/her hands in your food!

Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory!  He's thrown away entire meals when someone touched his food!

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Sometimes these pet peeves could be resolved by speaking up. Tell people to wash up else where,etc. Just speak up!

Maybe it's much to early in the game,ah but I thought I'd ask you just the same
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The child is usually young, in the cart's baby seat and has a vocabulary of three or four words. The mother speaks in a phony, enthusiastic upper volume voice. Otherwise, it wouldn't be so annoying.

It puts me in mind of dog owners who repeatedly ask, "who's a good boy".

Meh that doesn't bother me. It shows an engaged mother. I'd rather see that than a kid being ignored or neglected.

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Re: Personal Pet Peeves

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Oh my - I have so many of them! 


Nosy neighbors


Unsolicited advice


Drama addicts and divas


Voicemail messages that only say "Call me back as soon as you get this". If you can't take the extra 10 seconds to say "I need to talk to you about____" or something like that, I'm not calling you back. I've made this very clear to all of my family, friends and social circle. Understandbly some callers, such as a physican's office, can't leave a specific message, but those who can, had better do so. 


People who think that having worked in wealth/institutional investment management for the last 8 years of my career, I should give them free financial planning/investment advice. Not a chance.! First of all, no professional should be asked to work for free. Secondly, since I'm no longer with a firm, I no longer have liability insurance or an active registration with the SEC. Not only would it be stupid for me to give advice, it'd be illegal. Consult someone currently working in the field and pay them!

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My Yorkie likes to look out the front door, and get up on the back of the couch and look out into her world.  What I don't like, is that packages just aren't taken to the door to the garage, but put up on the front step, so I see they've delivered a package.  With the curtain up, I can't miss their trucks, since my dog announces them.  But that's mini to the real problems of today.  Woman Very Happy

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I often drive mainly a 2 lane highway over 5 hours to visit my parents. It’s a pet peeve when drivers stay in the left lane for routine driving. Left lane is for passing other vehicles, then go back to the right lane! And don’t get me started about passing on the right...
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@tansy wrote:

I have never understood why it is so upsetting if a man keeps his hat on inside the house.  Why is that rude?  Is it okay for a woman to leave her hat on?  

My house has two columns flanking the front door.  Packages can easily be placed behind one of these and not be visible from the street.  Very rarely does it occur to the delivery person to do this.  

I detest drivers who pull in front of me when there is no one behind me and then proceed to drive slowly 🐢.

I don't get it either.  I mean neither my DH or I would wear a baseball hat to something like Easter dinner anyhow but if either of us is wearing a hat, which we don't do often, it's because our hair is a mess.  LOL  No way are we taking our hat off just because we walk into someone's home.   

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@Grand Happy wrote:
I have many but the one that really gets me upset is seeing used masks on the ground and people who come have lunch at our park open their car door and toss their trash. We have FOUR trash cans but they don't care. I've picked up so much plastic I see why we need to ban it.
I have a tool for picking up trash 😉


Littering is a BIG one for me.  It would seem that kids are no longer told not to litter as we have a school nearby and find tons of litter during the school year, constantly, year after year.   I've seen them walking up my street and just throw water bottles and other trash in the street and other peoples' yards. 


  I know - there are lazy adults out there, also, who don't seem to care.  Maybe they're the ones who don't teach their kids not to litter.  


I once had a friend toss trash out of my car, as we were driving down the road.  I was incensed.  I stopped the car and made him pick it up.  He was ticked off but got over it.   I was shocked to see him do that, TBH.   

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I'm not proud to admit the older I get the longer my list gets.


DD likes grocery shopping so I let her do it.  It probably keeps me from being arrested for assault with a grocery cart.


DH wore hats outside, he was bald on top, to prevent sunburn or to keep warm in winter.  Took if off inside. Different generation. Pajama bottoms worn outside is ok now I guess although I could never do it.


Use of the word ain't drives me nuts.  Also "I seen".  If someone said "I ain't seen the dog" my head would spin around.


Driving while using cell phones.  I've had 3 near misses from people pulling out in front of me because they were busy yapping.


Trust me there are more.  I have no patience anymore.