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I liked the wax bottles with liquid in them and also the wax lips to chew.

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@dancingwoman wrote:

I remember a roll of Lifesavers was a nickel..popcorn at the movies was 10 cents... Afternoon movies were 35 cents on Saturday to get in...a dime for popcorn and a nickel for lifesavers.   My mom gave us 50 cents each...every Saturday we'd walk downtown to the theater... I think it was worth it to my mom to get 4 kids gone for the

I remember 35 cents for a matinee, doulble feature, cartoons between each show, and 2-4 times a year a brand new bicycle would be given away. This was in Sunnyvale CA. 
If we were lucky, mom would scrape together $1.00, dear sister and I would share 10 cent Hershey bar and we each bought a Pepsi drink in a cup. All day Saturday would be spent in the theater. 

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Update from Oklahoma: Thursday, February 22, 2024. Today, Governor Kevin Stitt released the following statement celebrating the passage of HB 1955, cutting the state grocery tax

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@Enufstuff wrote:

@QVCkitty1  Correct! And those 5 cent bars were larger than the ones you see today for ten times the price, or more.

@Enufstuff , Yup !

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Oh this took me down memory lane!  Loved those little corner stores.  We had two within walking distance.  All of us neighborhood kids were allowed to go together with our saved coins in hand and would have a blast picking out our favorite candy!


Aside from others already mentioned, my favorites were......


Turkish taffy

Those wax bottles with liquid inside

Clove gum

Beeman gum


Candy necklaces

Candy cigarettes

Tootsie roll midgies

Cow tales caramels


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my very earliest candy love was Chuckles! i guess i was age 4? 


  we had a newspaper store with a Penny Candy stand right by the register.   oh what i would give to go back in time. just the smell of paper, squeaky wooden floor boards.


married couple owners. they had no children of their own but enjoyed seeing us Village kids go for the fireballs, junior mints and milk duds.


when we were old enough to mind cars on the road, my sister and me would ride our bikes on Saturdays to buy Freaky Flyers and Wacky Packages, complete with that cement hard stick of bubble gum.


r/GenX - Who still eats Chuckles candy?

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I grew up (till almost age 12) in Quincy, MA.  We had just the best store by us that sold penny candy.  It's a great memory for me.

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Re: Penny Candy

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@dancingwoman  That sounds like my life in the 50's. At our neigborhood drugstore, soda fountain, ice cream cones were 7 cents, 10 cents if you wanted a sugar cone.


 In the 60's , we would go to the drugstore for a 10 cent Coke.


About 15 years ago, my daughter was telling me that it cost over $60. to take her three children to the movies, including popcorn and drinks.


 I'm glad that I raised my five, back in the 60s-70s.


  How are you feeling? I have read that you have had a rough year, with all your treatments. I wish you well and hope that you have a full recovery.


 My youngest daughter has been cancer free since 2009 and my husband has been cancer free since 2013.


  I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



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Re: Penny Candy

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@PookNik 'L" Nips.  I liked those too and the red wax lips.

            But, I never chewed them.


            Do you remember those orange wax large whistles or flutes, that came out around Halloween time? I never chewed them, but I loved the smell of them.

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Just remembered, we used to save our gum wrappers and makes those paper chains.