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The Chocolate Gold Quencher H2.0 FlowState™ Tumbler | 40 OZ: Chocolate GoldThere will now be a lottery of sorts on their website when this new one is released in a few days. 

Who would have thought it?

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Do people collect these?

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I don't like it. I don't want to use a straw daily?

I like my S'well Insulated bottles we have. Keeps my water cold all day. Since I have dry mouth I leave one in the bathroom when I go to bed in case I get thirsty I can get a drink. There's still ice in it in the morning. 

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People like to believe in idiot things.  

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They also say they contain lead, but none ever touches your drink.  No thanks!

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I don't understand this craze at all.

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I do not understand either.  At the end of January Target fired 7 employees for buying the cups ahead of the general public.  I guess they were going next to eBay.

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I don't like XL cups like these.


My daughter has a generic cup, not this Stanley, and when it sits in 

my fridge it is constantly in the way.


I have seen all the stories of people sleeping outside stores waiting

to buy them. So crazy.


I wouldn't even take one for free. Don't like them.



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those that do not follow the National Hockey League probably aren't aware,  that for us that do,    it is called the stanley cup     this is very highest award that can be won in the world of ice hockey  Stanley named it " Cup", not tumbler, for that specific reason   collectors item



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These cups are huge.  People must have huge cup holders in their vehicles.  I wouldn't want to lug that thing around.