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Re: Patti Riley

@San Antonio Gal wrote:

Interesting @SeaMaiden.  Great picture of her.  I didn't know she was one of QVC'c most popular host. 

I don't think QVC knew it either.

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Re: Patti Riley

Pattie and LR were very good friends, when they were both on QVC; shared a lot of off-camera activities, etc.
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Re: Patti Riley

I miss PR and loved when she and Lisa paired up. That was worth watching. Now..not so much

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Re: Patti Riley

She looks great.  She looks happy and it appears she is doing well.  Good for her.

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Re: Patti Riley

Patti was an ok host.   Much better than the females hired since she left and I would prefer her doing beauty shows than Sandra Bennett. 

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Re: Patti Riley

I thought Patti was a good well prepared host.  She did take quite a few "hits" from posters.  I am soooooo happy the moderators are putting the "whamy" on inappropriate posts.

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Re: Patti Riley

I thought she was annoying--heavier, thinner--all the time.


I stopped watching QVC because of her.


Never really got back into the habit.

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Re: Patti Riley

@SunValley wrote:

@ROMARY 1 I should have put a ? mark after the vendor..It may well have been DB. I don’t think it was the weight loss Itself that bothered folks, it was her demeanor after she thinned down. 

Absolutely.......she became so full of herself and flirted w/all the men on air.  She became so unprofessional.

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Re: Patti Riley

OMG. No. I don't care to ever see her on air again. Annoying. All. The. Time.

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Re: Patti Riley

Patti joined the It Cosmetics team a couple of years ago.  She presents It Cosmetics on air on QVC-UK, and HSN.