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Re: ***POSSIBLE*** Coronavirus Breakthrough

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I can't stress that word enough "possible "  breakthrough concerning the virus.




I saw this on my Facebook page, with the headline "California biopharmaceutical company claims coronavirus antibody breakthrough" .



Naturally, I can't post the story here, because of sidebars and whatnot, but if you Google that headline, you should be able to find the story.



In the first paragraph, they say that they have discovered an antibody that could shield the human body from the virus, and flush it out of the system within four days.


I am cautiously optimistic that this will work out.


FROM THE ARTICLE:  However, this is a significant 'if.' Promising though its effects on the virus were in lab tests on human cells, the company can't rightfully say that it has blocked the infection in the human body. 


The antibody has not yet been tested in people, so how it might behave inside the body and its potential side effects are totally unknown.  


Maybe this is the reason no one else is carrying this as news yet.

Cleveland Clinic is doing work with antibody plasma on those with the virus.  So far have had promising results.  Are asking for those who have had the virus to donate so they can expand the the program.  So yes there are tests being done in people.

Those weren't my words, everything in my post but the last sentence was taken directly from the original article.  They said it had not been tested yet on humans.  I also don't think this is antibody plasma whice is being tried out everywhere.



@bhvbum, that would be correct.  The article is talking about a monoclonal antibody which is a different type of antibody that a human develops for having a particular infection.  It is totally different than the convalescent antibody treatments they are doing now as a part of treating patients.


So there has not been trials in humans yet.  


Will be interesting to see how those trials come out.  

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Re: ***POSSIBLE*** Coronavirus Breakthrough

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There are press announcements about possible cures every day. That's nice. But it's mainly about getting attention and funding. I'll get out the confetti when a vaccine or cure is actually in the hands of doctors.



And BOOSTING stock prices / sales !

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