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@MamaWick - Patio cover looks great - love the color. I think they were patiently waiting for the ring of that bell!

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@MamaWick   So good to see your advisement crew!  They are very patient.  I'm glad to see your beautiful pictures. Got a little scare when there weren't any yesterday, but I didn't want to tag you and ask why.   I figured that you all needed a day off. No pressure. 🙂

Then I remembered that you did say that you didn't feed them every day.   I wonder if they come about even when you aren't home.  
Woofs to Cricket.  Hope she's still enjoying the view. 

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Nice fan,  hope te deer move over for you to enjoy it.  Looks great!

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I think the sweet deer folks are admiring Mama and Papa Wick’s good taste.  First, in loving them.  Second in that nice and new patio cover.  

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@MamaWick   How adorable are those sweet deer!  The two sitting down are just precious!  Those deer are doing a good job supervising your patio job!