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Oliver Sacks : My Periodic Table

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Oliver Sacks: My Periodic Table - New York Times  7/26/15  please will love

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Re: Oliver Sacks : My Periodic Table

Thank you for sharing. I did enjoy reading it (although a little sad). 

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Re: Oliver Sacks : My Periodic Table

As I continued to read Mr. Sacks’ article, seeing more reference to his age, I began to wonder why he does not view his advanced years as terminal.  I’m certainly am not unsympathetic to his health–I also am a cancer survivor who had poor prognosis–but even a healthy octogenarian surely anticipates the end.


I wonder, too, if the (healthy) aged do not also feel the bitter-sweet attachment to life Mr. Sacks is experiencing. I was not yet 40 during my health scare, but I distinctly remember those feelings.  It was a Life Lesson I am grateful for receiving all these years (24) later.


Thank you for sharing this, Justice4all.

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