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Sorbet with pretzels.  A spoonful of sorbet, then a crunchy pretzel stick. I love this salty-sweet combo.

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Aside from the Miracle Whip and peanut butter, I think most of these combinations actually sound good.  


That is because you have to sprinkle the peanut butter with sugar......then add a banana to the sandwich!   Yum!



I like peanut butter sandwiches, preferably chunky, with a ripe sliced banana on it using toasted Brownberry whole wheat oat nut bread.  Can't be white bread, though.   I put it in the microwave for about 5 seconds to warm up the banana and peanut butter.  Delicious!

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As far as salty-sweet, since HS I have eaten choc cake with potato chips, and will still deliberatel eat sweet then salty then go back to sweet.

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Moonchilde wrote:

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I'm pretty weird about food but I remember when we used to go diving in Monterey Bay (cold water diving) and after a dive I always craved a beer and an ice cream bar (just your basic vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate).


I would stand there by the vehicle, before even changing out of my dive gear with the beer in one hand and the ice cream bar in the other.  It was lovely.  Smiley Happy



I used to get a full British breakfast at the pub and have it with a pint of ale.


Hi Moonchilde!   Works for me.  Smiley Happy   I love Mexican food for breakfast.


But, as a beer drinker, I'm a very wimpy one.   For me, it needs to be something really light, like Michelob Ultra or Bud Light.   I can't do the heavy, hearty ones.   Wimpy!

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A really good piece of chocolate (preferably with almonds) or a dark chocolate brownie and a glass of red wine, like Robert Mondavi Private selection Cab aged in bourbon barrels. Yum.


Pears (not too ripe) with a soft cheese like St. Nectaire. Or even with a robust blue cheese.


Apple slices with all natural organic crunchy peanut butter (favorite of my doggies too!).


Rosemary fries.


Rosemary and olive oil on popcorn.


Rosemary crackers with jalepeno or some type of spicy jam/jelly and cream cheese.



ETA: I forgot one of my all time favorites-Lavender Latte made with real lavender! Who would have thought that could be so delicous? Also a mocha with tons of chili powder in it. Yum.






Now I want to try a lavendar latte in the worst way!  My niece--the pastry chef makes lavendar macarons and a neighborhood bakery offers lemon lavendar muffins.

@magicmoodz mmmm those sound good too! I know our local French bakery makes some lavender sweets too. I bought some dried lavender flowers and plan to make my own lavender syrup so I can make my own lavender lattes. The place I usually get them they make their own too and then they sprinkle some of the dried flowers on top. Kind of funny to crunch on some lavender flowers while drinking your coffee, lol. You don't have to have them on top but I like it. Smiley Happy It is really good iced too! Oh man now I need to go get one. I think I will do that tomorrow. The place is like 35 minutes from my house but worth it! Smiley Happy

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I remember my dad telling us when they were growing up, they'd make popcorn and put some in a bowl and pour milk over it and eat it like cereal.  They'd also put a piece of chocolate cake in a bowl and pour milk over that.  I think this was mainly a Sunday evening meal after they'd had a large lunch after church.  


You couldn't pay me to try either as I don't care for milk or chocolate cake (LOVE popcorn though).

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I remember my grandmother putting milk or cream over things in a bowl! 


Milk toast with lots of butter and pepper for one, and of course all kinds of pudding.  Oh, and fruit and lots of things like cooked fruit crumbles.

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DH loves chocolate ice cream with applesauce on top.... 


No, I'm afraid I can't get near it....  but he loves it!  Woman Happy

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Studying for finals: load up on salty potato chips and chocolate, usually Nestles Crunch.

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I had a friend growing up who would eat pbj sandwhiches with potato chips layered in somewhere.  Also had another friend ....every time we went to Wendy's ....she'd only eat fries dipped in her chocolate frosty....

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