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Shawn was excited!

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@dex wrote:

Shawn was excited!

I'm sure she was (he he)!!

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Re: Obi belt is back!

[ Edited ]

'You know', that tan obi belt sure looked good on the tan GILI TSV faux leather peplum jacket. In the last presentation, I believe.  Deanna was the model.

When the wide obi belts match the tops, they look good.

Not a fan (on myself) when they are contrasting, (more or less).


EDITED: To explain that the Obi I viewed and mentioned was in the last presentation of the GILI TSV. 

I missed the actual Obi presentation.

'More or less', 'Right or wrong', 'In general', and 'Just thinking out loud ' (as usual).
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@ROMARYoh no...not you too!LOL

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When I saw that last night - I expected it to be a really big hit on the Forum!  Smiley Happy  

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@wagirl wrote:

thank heavens--now I can get a few for the UPS guy, the nail girl, the dog walker---and even wear it to the pumpkin patch------

and don't forget the kids' bus driver and the ladies in your book club---LOL!

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I wear mine to the dojo all the time!

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Okay, again...channeling Nancy Reagan:  Just say NO!

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The trend never caught on here. (thank goodness)

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Not only that but they raised the price. I remember it being on clearance for 49bux. Why are they bringing it back?

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