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I ordered the Nutri-System plan when it was a TSV... January? I am on WW and have lost a large amount of weight but it gets old planning meals every day, especially when it comes to points, having to do this and that and...... it gets old. Sometimes, I just want someone to say "here you go" and everything is there, ready for me to eat.


Hence, I bought a month's worth of food.


Excellent portion control. You see VERY quickly that we eat WAY TOO MUCH food. Family members would ask "Is THAT a TRUE portion?!" Yes, yes it is. Eye opener, it was for them. 


I liked it because I didn't have to think for a month. It was a vacation for my brain. And, it worked well. Did I keep purchasing it? No. The food was fine to me; no issue. But in order to get the HIGH protein amounts, they use a TON of soy. I mean A TON of it. I don't do great with soy and after a month, my body said "step away from the soy".


It was great for a break; I lost 18 pounds which jump started the New Year. No regrets on it. 


BTW, if you order from the NS site, you can order frozen meals and have far more options. This plan is shelf foods and lots of bars. LOVED the shakes.

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The ads say the shipping is free from the NS site too.

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Congrats Sahmlam, and others on their weight loss. 

I bought this today.  And also like a caller last night, today is our anniversary. 


I was convinced by an 80 year old testimonial.  She lost 5 lbs the first week.


And a neighbor who lost over 100 lbs (most, if not all, was on NS)

He is 58, and runs - has lots of energy.


I'm looking forward to this.


And doesn't Marie look great?!



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I have lost and gained weight for many years. It's like I was two different people. One heavy and one not so heavy. I been on every diet that was put on this earth. I tried NS lost weight but  put it back on. Losing weight is hard but keeping it off is the worst. I went to a local hospital for weight loss classes . I thought it was a night out oh well! I probability won't lose much my heart wasn't in it. To my amazement I learned how to eat, read labels for fat content that is one way to control weight. We weighed in every week alone in a room. If you gained oh well maybe next week, if you lost that's great. No pressure. $10.00 a week it cost to go to class. 10 week sessions. I lost 42 pounds 6 years ago I have kept 35 pounds OFF. I loved the program so much I kept signing up for extra sessions. I learned so much. 

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

All the hosts with Marie seem to talk about is eating Nutrisystem junk, Mac and cheese, pretzel bars and cookies....this does not train a poor eater how to eat right. Once on their own they will eat the same junk food that Nutrisystem fed them and gain the weight back.  The "plan" keeps the dieter on a yo yo diet....once off the diet... They fail and have to return to the plan $$$$$$$ again eating the same food that put the weight back on them. 


That  is not setting someone up for success.....just failure.  It is called The Fat Trap.


All those commercial diet plans count on repeat customers, just any othe business.  They don't want to lose their customers.  The plans are designed to be "easy" with lighter versions of the very same foods that made us fat.  So we'll lose some weight and feel great about the program and talk it up to all our friends but since still haven't learned about how to eat well and maintain the weight loss......we regain it very quickly.  And then we go back on the program or another one and cyle goes on and on and on.   And it's planned that way!   Jenny Craig, Atkins, Weight Watcher, Nutrisystem......they counf on our failure.