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Now THIS is a Sofa!

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Admittedly, this isn't for everyone, but if I had the money, and I had the space, this is the sofa that I would want to get!







It's a lot of  sofa,  and it's a pit sofa, and I could see myself curling up on it, with a nice soft and cosy blanket, and watching tv all day, and then falling asleep!


Just something to dream about!😊

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I'm probably in the minority, but I would find this difficult to crawl in and out of.

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It’s definitely big. I think it would take too much effort for me to get on and off of it. I bet young kids would love it — would be great to jump on. Smiley Happy

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Um, instinct tells me that this piece was designed for a different kind of relaxation. Not exactly destined for the family room.  Cat Wink

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That sofa looks like it needs quite a few more, much larger pillows to lay against.  The sofa back doesn't look high enough to rest against, unless laying completely flat and using it as a bed.  My final thought is that the existing cream colored cushions would need to be black in order for anyone to feel any level of comfort drinking a glass of red wine while upon them, especially if one has a dog or a cat as a pet.  


It does have an interesting, very uncommon appearance, however.  

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Well that is certainly different and it looks like they made a combination sofa and bed all in one...It would be rather awkward as everyone would have to shimmy themselves in and shimmy themselves back out again!

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I like the niche for the wine bottles otherwise, no.



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Looks more like a communal bed with sides.I'll stick with my Lazy Boy recliner.

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It looks like an adult 3 sided playpen. 


My 70 yr. old fanny would not be crawling to one of the back corners.

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@deepwaterdotter  I'm with you.  I find it exhausting just to look at it.  

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