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Not Much Fun Any More

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Honestly, I've tried to like it........but I don't.  To me, these "new" boards are not ony poorly designed, more complicated, and more difficult to use........they are stiff, stilted, and over-regulated.  Sort of like a formerly great kids' playground where the swings and slide have been taken down and the jungle gym dismantled so no one can get hurt, the cushioned ground cover is so thick you can hardly walk on it, and a child will be summarily sent home if he gives a playmate's pigtail a mischevious yank.  Safe, sanitized and not so much fun any more.


I have come here almost daily for the past several years, but I am already dropping in less often, and I am quite sure I will be in even less in the future.  Sorry, QVC:  I have looked; I have assessed; I have decided.  You've hopelessly messed up a good thing.


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The more you drop in, the more accustomed to the Forum you will become.  Just browse and play around with it.  I still can't figure out some things, but it will come.

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I couldn't agree more. I spend more time on the other site.
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I think many posters feel the way you do. 

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Re: Not Much Fun Any More

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No, no, dear nonethanks.  It's not that I can't use it.  I haven't figured out everything, but I can certainly function here.  It just isn't FUN anymore.  Simply not worth my time and effort.

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It may be that you haven't spent enough time here or been here at the right times... there have been quite a few fairly raucous "discussions" over the last few days, with multiple hundreds of replies, pages and pages long, a few individual posts deleted by moderators, until some of them went a little too far and the thread was finally "removed".  But some are still here... alive and well.  I guess people finally ran out of comments and some of them stopped arguing, and the threads just faded off into the distance...  Smiley Happy

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I agree with the over-regulated part for sure.  We've been relegated to discussing weather, sharks, and how we chose our avatars.  Pretty boring IMO.  It was more fun when we were whining about the board dreaming

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I agree with you completely.  It is no fun anymore.  Used to come here everyday (several times a day) to see what everyone was talking about.  Now they treat us like children.  Now I come to see what's going on a few times a week.  Which means I don't go to much anymore.

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I don't have any interest in sparring with other posters, but I do not think this new forum is as easy to find things, and it is not as interesting as it was before the change.Example, the handbag forum does not have the activity it did have, and posters seem to have changed their nics. I preferred the old forum. 

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There were some lively, interesting and even informative conversations on the old Viewpoints about investing, retirement, the economy in everyone's different part of the country, the environment, recycling....can we discuss any of these?  I mean they involve current events, can lead to differences of opinion and are tangentially related to politics.  I'm still confused about what goes and what stays.