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This one was born from the endangered resident orcas in Puget sound.  That's just of the coast of Washington state.  It was spotted today. It only has about 60% chance of making it.  It would bring up the total Orca population there at 81.  These are Orcas that eat Chinook Salmon.  And these salmon are dying out.  They have built Salmon farms, but the salmon there have developed dangerous parasites.  The salmon are slowly killing the Orcas.


Baby Orcas are like human babies.  They are born pink. Hope the little guy makes it.


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Wonder what the reason is for the sudden parasites....that little guy is adorable.

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Re: New baby Orca

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The orcas are not starving due to parasites at this time, as they were a few years ago. The problem they are facing right now is an over abundance of seals that are descimating the Chinook slamon in the PNW. 


eta~ this was according to our local cbs station here in Seattle yesterday. Nothing was said why the abundance of seals but I wonder if the warmer waters in California are forcing them up here. 


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@songbird  I hope that beautiful baby makes it.  I saw baby orcas while in Alaska and they are so beautiful.

The next time that I hear salt and ice together, it better be in a margarita!