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everyone is new at some point

we are allowed to have opinions 

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I haven't really noticed this.


But the Temperance Movement seems to have definitely not slowed down.


Viva Carrie Nation!

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Re: New Members

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No, I have not noticed this at all. I also don’t go back and keep track of other members posts. Members new or old are free to post their opinions. The mods decide what is appropriate and what is not.

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Yes I've noticed too. 😮

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@jackthebear I've always thought ppl partisipating have a right to their opinion,right or wrong.thick skin is the answer

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There are so many complaints about various hosts from both new and veteran posters that I really hadn't thought to sort of count.


 What I do know is which products I might buy and which hosts I prefer to watch.  So far I would say none of either the pats or the pans has changed what I watch.

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As soon as you see the name of a host in the heading of a thread, it is almost a  guarantee it will be a complaint.


Rare is the thread asking what the host is wearing and rare is the host given a compliment.


Whether the poster is a true newbie or a troll doesn't matter to me.


Open the thread if it interests you, bypass if it doesn't.

""But tell me where do the children play"-Cat Stevens
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But the folks who must say "change the channel" need a useful outlet too.

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I've always assumed it was an existing member, just logging in as a newbie to avoid detection.Smiley LOL

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Recently noticed new, sometimes anonymous posters who seem intent on bullying specific posters by name. It seems so unnecessary and unkind. Yes, we all have opinions and feel entitled to voice our opinions, but why be mean-spirited and purposefully try to hurt people? If you are just stating your opinion, why hide behind a new nic...why not just use your recognized nic and state your opinion?

I do try to stay out of the threads about hosts. I think like a lot of businesses, there are people who do a better job than others. Shrug. I do know I would not be a good tv host and wouldn't last one 3 hour shift.
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