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Just a thought....with the younger Courtney Casson and some of the new edgier fashions, maybe the Q is going after the younger crowd. Somewhere I saw an ad for QVC host jobs. Wouldn't be surprised if a lot more Courtney's are prime time.
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Re: New Demographics, maybe?

Well, it would be a smart way to go. If you keep appealing to an older demographic, at some point you will lose your customers to age.

I really don't watch 'fashion' stuff on QVC (or any shopping network), but I say - spread out your demographic so that you can create a larger draw. This kind of shopping is contingent upon volume. The operational costs are just too high to restrict yourself to a small, and growing smaller, demo.

I just wish they would go back to products of good quality and also go back to fine jewelry. But I have a feeling that's not going to happen. They seem to think that the 'price over quality' crowd is larger than the 'quality over price' crowd, and maybe it is. You have to know what you're doing when you are selling at such a high volume and with the high costs of broadcasting.

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Re: New Demographics, maybe?