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Re: New Attitude at Evine?


@Kachina624 What a disaster. My only experience with TV shopping is QVC, and it’s experiences like yours that discourage me from branching out. 

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Re: New Attitude at Evine?

They are trying to survive so it's imperative that the retain their customers.  Contact them and find out what they can do to satisfy you.

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Re: New Attitude at Evine?

If those are the Indigo Thread jeans, they are in fact called raw edge hem jeans.  So that should have been a clue the hem was raw.  It's also very visible in the still shot and was very visible on screen that the hem is a raw edge hem.


As for the decal embroiderly and the fact one leg was upside down, that's a disgrace.  You have to be very careful with any prints/stripes on clothing from Evine because they are well known to not much anything up at the seams.  It drives me nuts and screams cheap.


I bought a pair of their slimming options leggings last year and they had tags in the front and back of the pants.  LOL