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Need Car Insurance Recommendations

I've been with Allstate for about 15 years. Have been pleased with them up until the last few years.

I am a middle aged woman. Have not had a ticket in I don't know when. Have had a couple of accidents over the years but they were over 5 years apart.

My insurance never seems to go down, only up. I had my last car for over 6 years. It had over 100,000 miles on it. Every renewal it went up or did not change. Everytime I spoke to my agent he had no explanation other than cost of business increase BS.

I have taken it up to now. Had to get a new car recently. Actually, it's used...2010. Just got my first bill and it has gone up over $40.00 per month. I'm p i s s e d!!

Last year a young woman at my job was talking about her new car and said she had Allstate. I asked her how much she paid. It was less than what I was paying. She was in her 20's and got a brand new car. I don't get it.

I can get a discount thru my job with Met Life but don't know much about them. Have heard State Farm is good.

I'm done with the Good Hands People. Who do you use?