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I don't buy enough to have a problem with returns but.....Will somebody explain why the hosts keep saying "If it does not fit OR if you are not completely satisfied with it you can return it."

Perhaps they should tell us what the cut off number is for returning items insead of encouraging returns.

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@Mj12 wrote:

I can't think of 1 item that the Q sells that I personally NEED during this pandemic.  Nothing.  In fact, last Spring and Summer I ordered pretty much nothing from here.  Amazon, Instacart and Costco - that's a different story.

ITA! My grocery store that delivers, Amazon and ebay are my "holy trinity" of shopping. If I can't get it there I don't really need it.

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 Personally, I don't consider that a nasty letter.  I got a letter like that once and you know what,  they were right!  If I were you, I would try hard to do better.  Instead of reading someone the riot act, if you don't like a companies policies, why not just shop elsewhere?  The person you raked up and down didn't set the policies.    

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Re: Nasty letter

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I don't keep items that:


Are visually defective when received

Clothing/shoes that don't fit (even though I ordered my usual size)

An electric item that does not turn on

An item that looked different online versus in person


I will continue to return anything ordered online that does NOT meet my expectations.


Online retailers are the ones that need to change their criteria, NOT the buyer.


(I know there are people that use items and return them, SHAME on them).




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Wonder how many of the returns are attributed to food items overall for all customers?


Could be quite the scam.  Would love to see the stats.


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@Mary Bailey @Kachina624 


And just think, when anyone has this many returns, know you can hold onto all of it, box it all together so you're only charged $6.95 on their dime. What a savings in return costs, right?????


@sherrikay Perhaps you didn't know you could do this. 

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@Boohoo100 wrote:
How can it be abusing the system when the QVC hosts repeatedly Tell us on air that if something doesn’t fit or we don’t like it, to send it back within 30 days. So then it becomes untruthful if a person is penalized for doing so.

100% agree! qvc states this repeatedly! perhaps if the hosts did their job better and went over sizing and showed details important for our purchase returns wouldn't be neccessary. 

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@sherrikay   Perhaps you're new here on this board. Nasty is what you get when you air dirty laundry here of any type. Lesson learned right? 


The dreaded letter - certainly nothing new here, many have received it, talked about it  here and this is what happens.

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I got the letter once. It certainly wasn't nasty, just factual. I felt a little embarrassed. I've ordered a lot less since then. You have to be a careful shopper here.  

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@KingstonsMomIG   Not sure at all how much 'money' this costs stores albeit online or B&M. They all just put the returns back on the shelf, back on the sales racks and/or put is on clearance racks.


Or stores both online & B&M even when we buy online B&M, stores wrap it up again and resend to others. When it comes back again, they send it out again. Then they mark up their own price, say it's on clearance, last clicks, as is and we buy it all over again. 


There are always shoppers who think they're getting a bargain when on sale, clearance, as is, last clicks. It's us who keep online & B&M going. AND they continue to get our s/h money coming and going a few times over.


No one wins, many lose. It' continues to be a vicious cycle.