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Just switched over to her show a while ago. Wow! Does she look different. Is it just her hair or has she had a few things done?

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purrmom:  I was just about to post the same thing.  It appears as though she had a few things done OR she's just had leisurely time off.  At any rate, she looks rested.

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Those bright lights and cameras that shine on their faces -- make them look younger every year. Never a wrinkle!!!!!

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Camera people use filters on her. Next time when you see a split-screen with her on one side and a guest on the other, look at the fuzziness, blurry-look to her side of the screen. I can really see it on my 4K tv.

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I don't think she looks different. She's leaving her show this fall, wonder why?

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@addymarie wrote:

I don't think she looks different. She's leaving her show this fall, wonder why?

It's usually all about one thing.  Ratings.

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She looks different but certainly not better looking.  As for leaving the show, she has been doing it for a long time and it isn't getting good ratings any more or it is just that she is tired and decided to call it a day.


I watched her show for a long time and about three years ago I noticed it just wasn't exciting any longer and stopped watching.  It is possible many people now feel the same way.

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I got to the point I stopped watching because she was always so hateful to her guests. She never let them speak if they had a differing viewpoint.   Also realized she seemed to be extremely ignorant concerning some of the cases and subjects she discussed.

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I just watched her, had not seen her show in a while.  She looked the same to me as always.

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HLN is going down the tubes.  They have gotten rid of everyone!  Nancy Grace said she has been doing this for 20 years and it is time for a change.  I do believe I read , she is going to be on another show.  I enjoyed her show during thetot Mom trial and Jodi Arius, but when there is not a major story , it gets old!