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I put mine in the dryer.  Nothing bad has happened yet.

@RollTide2008 Thank you!  I was hoping someone would write that!

Look, I'm not saying it's not bad for them.  Will it shorten the life of these jeans?  I dunno, probably.  I didn't buy them as an investment piece.  I'll wear them for a few years maybe and move on.  I don't feel the need to own a garment for 20 years.


I don't have the time, the space, or the patience to baby the laundry.  I would go absolutely bonkers if every time I did a load of laundry, it was hanging in the bathroom.  I don't think my electric residential dryer gets hot enough to do immediate irreparable damage.  Will other posters diagree with me?  Yes and I don't care.  I'm only speaking on my own experience.  

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Best to follow directions.


I've received hand made knit hats and capes, etc. and I followed the maker's directions, as strange as it sounded at the time.


No spin-drying, etc., etc. re: hand made knit or crochet hats, etc.  Something about the very thick yarn, etc.


Years ago, A pair of pants' label stated 'do not twist or spin (I believe), and, of course, I didn't read the directions before I hand washed and hand twisted the pants.  I believe they were/are coated polyester and slightly water repellent.  Thank goodness I didn't over-twist before line drying.  They didn't crack,  or even worse.



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Looks like I am probably the lone one here, but in certain things I am Little House on the Prairie like.  But hey, I would have taken Michael Landon.  But I digress..... I line dry everything.  The clothesline is my friend.  Yes, that means ironing, but I'm ok with that.  I love the smell of sheets line dried.  I also like everything dried out in the fresh sunshine.  Of course, certain things I have to dry flat but most things go on the line or on hangers.  So, that was my long version of the answer that I don't put jeans in the drawer. 😁 👕👖👗👚

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I agree with @RollTide2008    I'm trying to remember the last time I hung something to dry.  I live in jeans and all brands go in the dryer as do bras. underwear, and all other articles of clothing.  I want to wash, dry and put away as quickly as possible.  No soggy clothes hanging around. No issues with anything.


I utilize all settings on washer and dryer, sort everything and let the machines do the work.  



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I have many many pair and I throw them all in the dryer. Never had a problem at all. 

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They said last night you could line dry or put them in the dryer on low heat.

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I own many collapsible drying racks and dry most of my clothes on them. It's no big deal to me. 

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I wash and dry everything except for dry clean only and haven't had any problems. 

@GenXmuse    Do you have jeans containing elastomultiester?  That's the fiber in question.

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I put mine in the dryer on low and have had no problems.
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@GenXmuse wrote:

I wash and dry everything except for dry clean only and haven't had any problems. 

@GenXmuse    Do you have jeans containing elastomultiester?  That's the fiber in question.

Yes, I dry those too